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  1. The Kentucky Enforcers enter TBL in Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati Market


The Kentucky Enforcers

Who we are: The Kentucky Enforcers are a Pro men’s basketball team located in Florence, Ky about 10 miles from Cincinnati, OH. We train and practice at Sports of all Sorts in Florence, Ky. 

The Kentucky Enforcers were established in May 2015 by Dustin Driskell and Josh Avery. Together they built a solid foundation on which the Enforcers found their winning ways quickly. The team comprised with mostly local talent from NKY and Cincinnati areas. In 5 season of basketball the Enforcers have raked up an impressive record of 120-19 overall with 14 coming in their very first season. 

The Enforcers pride themselves on being a big part of their communities on and off the court, with a lot of focus being on today’s youth. We do a lot of youth skills clinics and camps. We volunteer at the local children’s home, and we offer an after-school program to help kids with schoolwork. 

The Enforcers are always looking for other ways to help in their community.  

The Kentucky Enforcers are proud to be a apart of such a great league in TBL. 


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Dustin Driskell TMO and Head Coach of the Kentucky Enforcers


Dustin is from Florence Kentucky, where he first found the love for basketball. Dustin states, “basketball has done wonders for my life as well as shown me the world while doing what I love”. Dustin played college basketball at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. Earning Freshman of the Year honors as well as First Team All American. Dustin spent 4 years playing professionally in the “EBA”. After his playing days, he transitioned into coaching. After winning Coach of the Year Honors in the NABL in 2019-2020, it was time to move to the biggest Pro league outside the NBA and GLeague, and into the TBL. “The TBL is the as good as it gets as far as talent and ownership level.” 

Quinton Day Director of Marketing


Quinton is the owner of Rook Digital Marketing. Quinton is in his first year with the Enforcers and has already made a huge impact. Quinton has a wealth of digital marketing along with video/photo editing experience that will greatly increase exposure and help build fan base for the Enforcers. Quinton along with his wife Kat and their 3 boys are super excited to be apart of the Enforcers family. 

Josh Overton Director of Player Personnel and Assistant Head Coach


Josh joins the Enforcers staff as an Assistant Coach. Josh brings a ton of basketball knowledge to the staff from his playing days as well as coaching many levels of basketball. He works fulltime in Sales for BlueStar inc. Josh along with his wife Emily and two boys are extremely excited to be apart of the Enforcers family.